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Our story

We love football and fantasy football! We have played FantasyPL for many years. Even though it's really fun at the beginning of the season, we always got tired halfway through the season when you're bottom of the league.
Also we find it difficult to select the right players avoiding your forwards not playing against your defenders. I guess you know what we mean.
So we decided to create a more simple fantasy football app. Were you only need to think of potential goal scorers.
FanLad baby
History of the FanLad app
Membership introduced
We introduced Silver and Gold memberships with new functionality such as auto selection of players if deadline is missed, more player stats etc.
The memberships will not affect the users' chances of getting points or winning leagues with prizes.
App version - 1
More leagues added
Since the World Cup edition was so much appreciated by our users we decided to give it another try. We never give up!
We started with Premier League and Champions League and then added Allsvenskan in April 2023 and Serie A in August 2023.
App version - 2
Back for World Cup
For the World Cup 2022 in Qatar we updated the app with a brand new design. Same game format as before although.
We did several different tournaments with prizes which was very much appreciated by our 2000 users who played this edition.
App version - 3
FanLad put on hold
Due to low activity FanLad was put on hold in March 2021.
New game format
Two years later we released a new game format - the same as we have today. I.e. the users get a point for every goal their players score.
It was possible to compete in more than 20 different leagues from all over the world. Over 10 000 users played this version of FanLad.
App version - 5
First version of FanLad
On 1st of August 2017 the first ever version of FanLad was released. The idea was same as today - all users select five players from today's games.
However, instead of getting one point for each goal, all users started with 100 points and was given a number of points depending on what players they scored.
App version - 6
FanLad baby
Born on
1st Aug

The team behind FanLad

Marcus - programmerAndrea - assistant to the programmerKhris - graphic designerAndreas - legal advisorJesper - social media specialistAyesha - player avatar creator

What does FanLad stand for?

"Fan" comes from Fantasy Football.
"Lad" is a British term referring to a young man.
Fan + Lad = Men who loves Fantasy Football
FanLad logo