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Collaborations with FanLad

We do collaborations with everyone who loves football as much as we do.
Are you interested? Please contact us now with your ideas.
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Our collaborations
Collaboration with Kofi B
We did a collaboration with the football enthusiast Kofi B who has over 200k followers on TikTok.
More than 100 users joined his own league called "Slapped it". Winner will be announced in the end of October and of course he (or she?) will get a football jersey.
Collaboration with fotboll24
For the group stage of Champions League season 23/24 we did a collaboration with the TikTok channel fotboll24.
More than 500 users joined the league within the first eight hours. In total more than 1300 users joined. One of our best collaborations ever!
Collaboration with FotbollSTHLM
For the last rounds of Allsvenskan 2023 we did a collaboration with the Swedish news site FotbollSTHLM. They are focusing on the three biggest football clubs in Stockholm - AIK, Djurgården and Hammarby.
We did three different tournaments, one for each club, and each winner got a football jersey. Not a huge success unfortunately. Less than 50 users joined the leagues in total.
Collaboration with Eric Franck on TikTok
Before the start of the Premier League season 2023/24 FanLad we did a collaboration with the football expert from Canada - Eric Franck.
He promoted FanLad to his international users and around 250 users joined his league. The winner got a football jersey of course!
Collaboration with ArsenalSverige on TikTok
During the World Cup 2022 in Qatar FanLad did a collaboration together with ArsenalSverige (now called HihiSverige).
Almost 2000 users downloaded the FanLad app. They won football shoes, football jerseys, FIFA23 for Xbox/PS5 and footballs.
Are you interested?
Please contact us now!